Flies Are Not Just A Nuisance; They Pose A Health Problem

There are all kinds of annoying bugs out there, but flies are one of the most annoying. They buzz by as they fly through the air. They land on surfaces such as your food, which can be highly aggravating.  Flies are bothersome, but are they more problematic?


Absolutely!  Pests Like Flies can actually make you sick.


Flies are found around trash cans, trash piles, dumpsters, sewers and dead animal carcasses. This is where they pick up bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, etc. As such, they carry and spread about 65 diseases, making them a severe health threat. This can lead to an outbreak of illnesses in the home.

It’s imperative that you deal with a fly infestation immediately. Most people never think about what a few flies can do in their kitchen, but when one or two become 10 to 20, the problem must be addressed.  Another issue is the kind of flies that are invading your home. House and bottle flies are far more dangerous than gnats or fruit flies, while cluster flies are not dangerous at all.


It’s imperative to know which kind of flies have invaded your home, but this is something most homeowners are not aware of. After all, there are hundreds of flies. 


  • Cluster Flies – bit bigger than house flies with yellow/golden hairs on the body with overlapping wings on their back. They also don’t gather in kitchens but rather attics. They also fly in groups.
  • House Flies – smaller than cluster flies, tend to travel alone, have no yellow hair on the body and wings are separated. They are often seen in the kitchen.


How To Reduce Your Fly Infestation Risk?


  • Seal up trash bags and place trash in a large outdoor garbage can.
  • Store trash cans away from the home and out of garage areas to lower the chance of flies getting inside.
  • Eliminate food sources near the home to reduce how many flies are in the area.
  • Have children take their leftover food to the garbage and place the dirty dishes into the sink.


If you have a fly infestation, even after doing the above tips, you should hire a professional company to take action to get rid of them for you.  Never assume that flies are harmless because they can be detrimental to your health. A professional pest company can make sure that your home is free of an infestation and keep you healthy too.